Taste a Real Malbec

Poetry, and the Taste of Malbec

It's been said that "wine is bottled poetry", but - as far as we know - there isn't a written poem that you can also drink. This gives wine the clear edge.

Never to back down from a challenge, here at Alamos we have been inspired to craft a wine that captures the poetry of Mendoza, and a set of poems that just might give you a true taste of Malbec.


Heavenly Mist


Flavors of black cherries and deep plum cascade like an avalanche,

releasing a heavenly mist of violet and cocoa powder aroma.

Ribbons of Smoke

Ribbons of smoke beckon from the grill,

sparking a hunger for charred, crackly crust

ripe for the spicy bouquet of deep plum malbec flavors.

Spicy Bouquet

One sip releases a spicy bouquet

of deep plum flavor,

enveloped in warm vanilla,

leaving Malbec's unforgettable imprint.

New Tango Riffs

The first embrace

sends Malbec's deep plum flavor

thundering like a tango guitar

while tastes of cocoa fall across layers of vanilla

in a soft sway.

Argentine Malbec
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An authentic Argentine wine that thrives in Mendoza’s high altitudes, our Alamos Argentinian Malbec wine blends the deeply concentrated plum flavors of the country’s signature variety–Malbec–with small portions of Syrah and Bonarda to add dark cherry and blackberry flavors. Well-integrated hints of brown spice and vanilla contribute layers of complexity. A full structure, firm tannins and a long finish create an expansive palate that is hard to forget. With crisp, clean air and intense sunlight, growing conditions in Mendoza are truly ideal for Argentinian Malbec.

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